Monday, February 21, 2005

Sex and the CA

The Manila Times has an incisively written article by Efren Danao on morality and why it doesn't seem to matter to those judging the fitness of millitary officers and Cabinet members for confirmation of their promotions and appointments.

The Commission has been told, through somebody's sworn statement, that the Justice Secretary-designate -- too old and too married for those who think morals can be bound by age and civil status -- had been carrying on an affair with a constituent from the district he used to represent in Congres. It was also suggested to the Commission that the Justice Secretary doesn't believe an illicit affair can't be carried on explicitly. The alleged lovers, says the witness, were "petting each other at the conference room" or sometimes, "in the toilet." (While they were, --if they were of course -- doing it in the conference room, where did those who needed to hold a conference go? The toilet?)

But does the Constitution require the Commission on Appointments to test nominees before it according to a specific standard of morality? Sex and the CA. I can't wait for the next season.


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