Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Avelino Razon as "Tsip-PNP" is your average...

human rights-unfriendly, politico-bootlicking police general, but with the bonus of being already known for the company he has kept. I didn't realize he had been appointed "tsip-PNP" which is how Pinoy policemen call that person who has taken his turn at that fountain of corruption and parody of law enforcement leadership. It is so apt, since the Mendozas, Ebdanes Esperons and now Razons of the PNP are indistinguishably-mediocre and uniformly useless in restoring any drop of faith in the police unifom. And Razon -- yes, he is the same Razon about whom I posted this before and will now sort of post again, for my own satisfaction.

Now back to lurking in my own blog...


Blogger mschumey07 said...

You said it. Razon is just another pulis patola. A buwaya who lives on land. What do we expect from an illegitimate president who will do anything to protect herself.

4:23 PM  

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